The Parallels of Veterans and Overlanding

Veteran Overland was created by two combat Veterans. This is our passion project. We do this to give back.

We have identified the parallels that attracted us to Overlanding; Community, Skill Building, Gear, Adventure and Resilience. Embracing these parallels encourages us to do what we can through: "Hunt the Good Stuff", a perspective on the everyday and a way of life that we see practiced in Overlanding, not by only us but within our VO community.  VO is designed by Vets and for Vets, giving us a chance to promote one another, create some awesome gear and give back to the Veteran community. Thanks for checking us out.

Enjoy the hunt! 


Our 5 Parallels between Veterans and Overlanding:

— Community —

— Skill Building —

— Gear —

— Adventure —

— Resilience  —