We get asked a few questions about Veteran Overland. Here are some of those answers!

Q: What is Overlanding?

A: Overlanding is a term used to describe traveling “over land” while taking all necessary supplies on the vehicle for the journey. This ranges from weekend camping trips with the family to multi day/week expeditions.

Q: What is Veteran Overland?

A: VO is a company ran by Veterans. We connect Veterans though the sport of Overlanding. Veterans are finding Overlanding as their sport of choice over, say the local softball team. They are: Community, Skill Building, Gear, Adventure and Resilience. VO was created as a fun way to do the things we love while giving back. It’s our passion project and our hobby, we create gear and clothing and sell it to fund the mission.

Q: Who is on the Veteran Overland team?

A: Meet Jeff and Will. A couple of Vets and the founders of Veteran Overland. We’re just a couple of regular guys. VO is managed on nights and weekends and after the kiddos go to bed. Will is responsible for all shipping, receiving and product inventory. Jeff runs the social media, marketing efforts and accounting. Will is an Afghanistan war Vet and still in the National Guard as a Captain. Jeff is an Iraq war Vet and got out in 2006 as a Staff Sergeant.  In 2018, we brought on Zeb and Adam.  Zeb helps organize events and scout site locations.  He's a Marine with multiple Iraq tours and has a big red beard.  Adam helps with all of our photography and web design.  He hasn't served directly, but he comes from a family of service members and appreciates the sacrifices made by their service. 

Q: How and why was Veteran Overland formed?

A: We created Veteran Overland in December 2016.  VO is our our way of giving back to the Veteran community.  Getting outside, camping, off-roading, and exploring are interests we recognized that a lot of Veterans had in common.  Veterans were picking these activities over the local softball team or VFW so we wanted to provide a way for Veterans to get organized and build a community.  We saw the strong connection between Veterans and Overlanding. So we created VO.

Q: Is Veteran Overland a non-profit?

A: Yes. We have a Veteran Overland Foundation 501(c)3. All proceeds are put towards the efforts of helping Veterans through getting them outdoors. All of your donations are tax deductible. 

Q: Is VO just for Veterans?

A: No way! We truly appreciate civilians who support the sacrifices Veterans have made. We have multiple civilians who are on the regular crew and come out often. Without their support we as Veterans would be alone!

Q: What is Membership?

A: Membership is our way to connect Veterans and Veteran supporters. Veterans are finding a home in Overlanding and we wear our VO Member patches with pride! It comes with a host of benefits which can be found at the below link.

Q: Do you take sponsorships?

A: No. We believe the mission of VO is to only take direction from Veterans and supporters. This has been our policy from the start. Our efforts, social media and company direction is our own and of our members. Not taking on sponsorships keeps our efforts our own. Sometimes this hurts!

Q: How can I get involved, are there other chapters?

A: Unfortunately we are not expanding VO at this time. We are based in Portland, Or and most of our efforts are in the PNW. We encourage everyone to use our Facebook and Forums to connect with other Vets and create your own events.

— Team VO